Reflection on Instructional Design

Instructional design, according to the article by Bichelymeyer, is ill defined, confusing and in steep competition with other design disciplines. The article did little to add clarity to the process and appeared to be a bit defensive to those in the world of ID. Notwithstanding, the concept and ideas associated with instructional design are quite significant in the business world. In business, quite often you want to make “changes” in behaviors (please sign up for free matching contributions for your 401K program) or want people to take the time to learn about a new product or process. The key to good ID is first knowing what you audience already knows and how they currently learn. Secondarily, decide what the next level is that you want them to advance too and how quickly. The ADDIE concept is not fundmental to just ID. It shows up in a variety of design disciplines. For example in the world of “quality” and “continuous improvement” aka Six Sigma there is a similar process called DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve Control. Can you see a correlation to the Analysis, Design, Development, Implement, Evaluation? In all aspects of running a business it is fundamental to have a good ID process as a core component of your communication process. It may not be all linear. There is room for parallel processes too.

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