Centralia Video Review

Just like a box of Cracker Jack – you don’t know what the surprise is until you open the box. I had no idea what the video was about when I first launched the YouTube. I only knew it was about six minutes long and was pleased to see it was not a 30 minute review. Early on I learned it was in PA and that a city was destroyed. The music was depressing so I watched the movie a second time without the audio (no music and no narration). The video showed road views from a car and a few aerial shots that gave a broader view of the damage. I saw pipes and warning signs but still was not clear on what had happend. No further information on why there was so much smoke, why the ground was hot or why the trees were all dying. I thought of LOVE CANAL in New York that in the mid 70’s was the site of 2100 tons of toxic waste. Four minutes into the video I finally learned that it was a coal mine fire underground that caused all the damage. I still did not know when it happend, how it happened, how long it will last etc. There is nothing that compels me to take action or motivate me to learn more.

This could of been part of a documentary to warn people about how to avoid starting a coal mine fire in other cities. It could have been a call for help for the community or a call for ideas on how to recover from the damage, etc.  It had no purpose, no intended audience and no provisions for feedback.  Not very well done.  Information but very little  knowledge.

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