Ontology and Epistemology

The videos posted below may not be the original ones but they will work nicely for this brief journey into the foundations of the philosophy of knowledge and being Ontology: Joel Kimmel states that ontology is the study of being – not just doing but what you as you do things.  It is how you process life- your attitude of cheerful expectancy – your assessments from the past shape your future. Epistemology I have supplied two videos that should help you explore the concept of epistemology Video 1:   Crazy lady questioning reality – the study of knowledge – are you real or not Descartes was the father of epistemology. Video 2:  Miller – The Philosophy and Epistemology of Rene Descartes – “I think therefore I am”  “Cogito ergo sum.”  Created Cartesian coordinates – brilliant math and science in the early 1600.

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