Pre-Week 2 CECS 6010

So here I am taking my next round of classes. What I know going into this sessions is very limited. I know I paid $3700 for a couple of courses. One course is on statistics and research and the other class – this one is not at all clear what we are about to do. It appears to be very unstructured and backed up with a lot of very expensive books. Two from Bernstein and another one from Habermas. We are going to use another tool, which could be exciting. So far I have become familiar with Skype, Adobe Connect, BlackBoard, Moodle and now Schoolology. Each of these tools I would not have any experience with unless it was for the UNT study program.

I am glad to know that I have some of the same students that I have worked with in the past. It will be interesting to see what the attrition rate will be with this cohort. I am excited about having the opportunity to experience another professor too.

The entire process is really confusing – even though there are instructions etc. Knowing how to use Shcolology will take some getting used to. Maybe there will be some kind of training on how we are going to use it. There appears to be a lot of flexibility and unused features with all these different learning environments.

I appreciate the warning on reading Habermas. It might as well been not translated to English. He references an entire host of his cronies that I will have to do further research on!

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