Blooms Taxonomy

Cognitive learning is reviewed at this site featuring Blooms Taxonomy

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Ontology and Epistemology

The videos posted below may not be the original ones but they will work nicely for this brief journey into the foundations of the philosophy of knowledge and being Ontology: Joel Kimmel states that ontology is the study of being – not just doing but what you as you do things.  It is how you process life- your attitude of cheerful expectancy – your assessments from the past shape your future. Epistemology I have supplied two videos that should help you explore the concept of epistemology Video 1:   Crazy lady questioning reality – the study of knowledge – are you real or not Descartes was the father of epistemology. Video 2:  Miller – The Philosophy and Epistemology of Rene Descartes – “I think therefore I am”  “Cogito ergo sum.”  Created Cartesian coordinates – brilliant math and science in the early 1600.

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Important Links for Instructional Design Papers

1. IDTf_Bichelmeyer.pdf  The ADDIE Model/Framework
2. Eraut.pdf
3. Molenda-Issues.pdf
4. Warren, Lee, and Najmi.pdf
THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY AND THEORY ON INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN SINCE 2000The conclusions presented in the Warren, Lee and Najmi document are the most relevant and current.

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Centralia Video Review

Just like a box of Cracker Jack – you don’t know what the surprise is until you open the box. I had no idea what the video was about when I first launched the YouTube. I only knew it was about six minutes long and was pleased to see it was not a 30 minute review. Early on I learned it was in PA and that a city was destroyed. The music was depressing so I watched the movie a second time without the audio (no music and no narration). The video showed road views from a car and a few aerial shots that gave a broader view of the damage. I saw pipes and warning signs but still was not clear on what had happend. No further information on why there was so much smoke, why the ground was hot or why the trees were all dying. I thought of LOVE CANAL in New York that in the mid 70’s was the site of 2100 tons of toxic waste. Four minutes into the video I finally learned that it was a coal mine fire underground that caused all the damage. I still did not know when it happend, how it happened, how long it will last etc. There is nothing that compels me to take action or motivate me to learn more.

This could of been part of a documentary to warn people about how to avoid starting a coal mine fire in other cities. It could have been a call for help for the community or a call for ideas on how to recover from the damage, etc.  It had no purpose, no intended audience and no provisions for feedback.  Not very well done.  Information but very little  knowledge.

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Real World Instructional Design

The destination in the real world is Starbucks – website. I want to see what it takes to get a Starbucks Card. The instructions were pretty clear. The question was posed – what can I do with a Starbucks account? Three specific items were identified – manage and reload your cards, sign up for rewards, update your account info. Next step was to instruct me how to sign up, if I were still interested. Glad they told me first why I would like to sign up instead of having me go through the process only to find out that I was not interested. The next section was clear and easy – provide all of the data that is needed to have a card. The next level that they wanted to take me to was pretty obvious – now that you have an account – register your cards. Why? Free drink on your birthday – automatic enrollment of the rewards program (not defined what the program actually does) and lost card protection for your balance. This design was mindfully developed and tested with user groups I assume – clear and concise. The three things I am sure to remember is benefits of having the card.

Next real world stop was enrollment form for the ISTE conference in San Diego. It was the most confusing and difficult enrollment form that I have ever experienced. You would think it would have been simple and easy to navigate and quickly responded too. Instead it was totally ineffective in getting me to sign up. This complicated process should have been broken down into a number of smaller steps based on the interest of the participant. It would have been nice to have a quick enrollment process for basic conference attendance and have subsequent sections for all the special interest groups. It was not effective at all. I learned that I will never create a form this complicated. Also learned that an online enrollment should not take more than 5 minutes (25 minutes is way too long). Third lesson is one of the paradox of choice – there were so many items to choose that I lost interest in making decisions and that I just wanted to complete the basic enrollment.

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Reflection on Instructional Design

Instructional design, according to the article by Bichelymeyer, is ill defined, confusing and in steep competition with other design disciplines. The article did little to add clarity to the process and appeared to be a bit defensive to those in the world of ID. Notwithstanding, the concept and ideas associated with instructional design are quite significant in the business world. In business, quite often you want to make “changes” in behaviors (please sign up for free matching contributions for your 401K program) or want people to take the time to learn about a new product or process. The key to good ID is first knowing what you audience already knows and how they currently learn. Secondarily, decide what the next level is that you want them to advance too and how quickly. The ADDIE concept is not fundmental to just ID. It shows up in a variety of design disciplines. For example in the world of “quality” and “continuous improvement” aka Six Sigma there is a similar process called DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve Control. Can you see a correlation to the Analysis, Design, Development, Implement, Evaluation? In all aspects of running a business it is fundamental to have a good ID process as a core component of your communication process. It may not be all linear. There is room for parallel processes too.

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Introduction to my Cohorts at UNT

Greetings to my cohorts! Bob Kaiser catching up with the rest of you. Glad to share a little about myself. I am a serial entrepreneur who has started two companies and in the process of building a third. My first company was based in Silicon Valley in the early 80’s – sold it to a NYSE company after seven years. My second company – a high tech digital learning company was headquartered in Dallas and sold it after seven years in 2001. I have worked for HP, Apple and Sun Microsystems in the field of new media technology. The past six years I have been working for Bank of America – Merrill Lynch – building out a new company in the Retirement Services area related to Health Care. I have an engineering degree from Purdue (1975) and a Masters in Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management from SMU (2011) – so do the math and you can conclude that I am most likely not the youngest in our class.
Personally – married with 4 adult children (empty nest) – love to run, bike and swim. I travel way to much for work – on the road 70% of the time. Love to learn and look forward to seeing everyone next week in San Diego.

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Philosophy Quiz

Here is the result of the quiz provided in week one 6/20/2012

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We are drowning in information and starved for knowledge!

I have been thinking about the amount of information that we have presented to us every single day.  The mixed mode of content is interesting and sometimes over stimulating.  The quantity is best represented by the connotation of the search engine “google” which we all know is 10 to the hundredth power!  A 10 followed by a hundred zeros.  A key dimension of learning is managing your information.  When this does not happen, infotoxology sets in.  A bottleneck occurs and your path to knowledge is impeded.

I am interested in researching the elements of learning.  Learning today might be different then learning a hundred years ago and might be different in the future.  My goal is to advance confidently, securely and empowered on this lifetime journey of continuous learning and along the way find some useful ideas and tools to share with others.

I learn, therefore I am!

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